How to Use Stock Images (the Right Way)

Before becoming Prince Lobel’s Media Group Admin, I was a newspaper reporter in Florida. When I wasn’t writing or tweeting or figuring out how to smuggle Snickers from my editor’s candy bowl, I was taking photos to go along with my stories. But every now and then I would come across a photo from a source’s Facebook page that I would want to use in print. I knew there were legal ramifications of taking photos from Facebook, Twitter, Google Images, and so on, but I didn’t quite understand the rules. I was just like:


For all the other journo folk out there who would love to have some answers, Prince Lobel media lawyer Asya Calixto has written a neat, nifty (and free!) guide to using stock images. This will give reporters/editors/photo directors an overview of what rights and licenses are required to use images from social media sites as well as major stock houses like Getty Images and ThinkStock. It also covers limitations on use and required attribution for each origin.

Download the guide, save it to your desktop, show your colleagues and maybe your Grandma. And when in doubt, call your lawyers.

stock image

— Sabrina Rocco,

One thought on “How to Use Stock Images (the Right Way)”

  1. Gets pretty complicated with the advent of more Internet capabilities & social networking sites. Safe to assume you own none of the pictures & act accordingly. Excellent article although in some areas over my head!

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